Birchmount Collegiate Prom 2012

Jun 27, 2012

Rosetta McClain Gardens provided a beautiful backdrop yesterday evening for a photo-op for graduates from Birchmount Park Collegiate headed to the Prom.

Congratulations to the class of 2012!

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Brendan Howald, Desiree Batmon, John Chow, Naomi Guian, Raymond So, Paige Grieve, Colin Vair, Rebecca Sturley, Dillon Ezard














Alexis Gregorio, Matthew Trinier, Nova Bozinoski, Reed May














Alanna Tchoryk, Paige Fong, Stephanie Cooper














Sam Brown, Sydney Marcous, Noelle Lemaicre, Cameron Wilson














Matthew Trinier, Julia Robertson, Reed May, Rebecca Owen, Ryan McDougall, Jessica Tait, Jack Quail














Kaitlin Gourley, Michelle Evagelou














Julia Forward, Jessica Eberts, Mckenna L’Estrange, Rebecca Owen, Becca Quinn





























Gabrielle Psotka, Brayden Maxwell













Ryan Sheppard, Darienne Sandell














Kristie Smith, Rhea Joseph, Christi Kay, Holly Brennan, Jenna Buchak














Tyler Madill, Kailee Paterson















Rachel Deinum, Geneva Calder
















Brett Gustafson, Cameron Birch, Jack Dennis, Jack Brookfield, Patrick Jackson














Class of 2012, Birchmount Collegiate. Photo courtesy of Walter Psotka, Walter Psotka Photography


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  1. Hilda Vair

    The unknown names of the couple — The young man is Bryden Maxwell. –Could you also change the spelling in the first picture — it should read Colin Vair not Bair. Thanks –Hope this helps.

  2. admin

    Done! Thank you very much.

  3. Gabrielle Psotka

    My name is Gabrielle Psotka, I am in the long black sequined dress.
    Also, my date is Brayden Maxwell.

  4. admin

    Thanks Gabrielle — I’ve fixed it. Sorry about that. My recorder didn’t work at the moment that I took your names.

  5. Julie Howald

    Wow! These look great! Thanks so much 🙂

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