Fruit and veg store opening soon

Oct 10, 2017

Price Saver: Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Market
In a few short weeks, Birch Cliff will have a new fruit, vegetable and flower market at Kingston Rd. and Warden Ave., in the space vacated by the local branch of TD Canada Trust.

The shop, called Price Saver, has been leased by Frank, Kim and Christine Lam who currently operate a similar store at Cliffcrest Plaza at Kingston Rd. and McCowan Rd.

Christine Lam, Price Saver

Christine Lam, Price Saver

“I’m very, very excited,” said Christine Lam who first noticed the “For Lease” sign about a year ago and was attracted by the large windows and the corner location.  “There was something in the environment that I just love – the walking traffic and how quiet it was.”

“You can see these little spots especially these little stores that are being renewed and people are getting in there to start their small businesses as well. I just loved it. And I could see us fitting in there”, Lam said.

Price Saver, Cliffcrest Plaza

Price Saver, Cliffcrest Plaza

Price Saver, Cliffcrest Plaza

Price Saver, Cliffcrest Plaza

Fresh, local produce

The community has been buzzing about the prospect of buying fruit and vegetables locally since the Price Saver signage was installed on the old bank building in mid-August.

In addition to fruit, vegetables and flowers, Lam said the store will also sell spices, nuts, rice, beans and a small quantity of manufactured products such as jams and honey.  They also plan to sell seasonal items during the holidays including Christmas trees.

Price Saver, Cliffcrest Plaza

Price Saver, Cliffcrest Plaza

Christine said her father, Frank, pays a visit to the Ontario Food Terminal on The Queensway every day at 5:00am and their emphasis is on fresh, local food.

“It’s very important for us to be fresh as fresh can be and as local as it can be. This is very key to our heart,” Lam said.

She anticipates their produce will be reasonably priced if not lower than the major grocery stores.


“We try our best but it is a balance,” Lam said.  “We struggle with this, having to pick between price and fresh produce. We try to even it out. But at the end of the day if we can get it fresh and we’re not going over budget too much … then yes. But then but then again, the majority of our local produce is reasonable and it is a lot cheaper than imported produce.”

Price Saver, Cliffcrest Plaza

Price Saver, Cliffcrest Plaza

Shoppers interviewed at Cliffcrest Plaza location said they shop there because it’s close by and the quality is good.

“It’s close and convenient and the fruit’s pretty good,” said Ken Marchington.  “It’s fresh.  Sometimes these small stores just have stuff that’s rejected elsewhere but this stuff seems just as good as Metro or anywhere else.

Lam said their new location in the TD bank building was renovated before they signed the lease and they are aiming for a shop that’s warm and welcoming but simple.

“My dad did some of the renovation himself, what he could.  He made some of the wooden shelves just to make sure they were how he wanted it, just to make sure they were at eye level and that you could see all the produce. Most of the local produce comes in beautiful bushels and beautiful bins. We want to keep it as down to earth as possible,” Lam said.

The Birch Cliff store will be staffed by Christine Lam, who runs a public relations firm on the side and is also an avid surfer.

She said the store will be open every single day, including Christmas Day and Thanksgiving, until around 8:30pm.


  1. Ian Harvey

    yeah!!! Ironically of course the Dollar Store next door was a Loblaws at one time….what’s obsolete is now new again.
    Welcome to the ‘hood….hope to be shopping there very soon!!!!
    Let’s see…we got Barkley’s and Spice….we got Rustico and Jatujack…..I knew if I stuck around 40 years something good was gonna happen down here!!!
    All kidding aside…Birchcliff is going through a renaissance……loving it…not loving losing some of the stalwarts who have always been here…like Mayfair, but….can’t have it all…all the time.

  2. Leveck family

    We have shopped at your Cliffcrest location and are very excited you are coming to Birchcliff.
    Your plants are amazing and your produce selection is great.
    Welcome and good luck!

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