New upscale coffee shop

Nov 2, 2015

The Birchcliff at 1666 Kingston Rd.

The Birchcliff at 1666 Kingston Rd.

The smell of coffee will start wafting over Birch Cliff with the grand opening of an upscale coffee shop in the coming days.

Appropriately called “The Birchcliff” it is owned and run by 20 year old Olivia Peters, an area resident and aspiring business student.

Peters is taking a year off school to get hands on experience in the real world of entrepreneurs.

She’s trying to fill a need for caffeine..and a place for residents to hang out.

“The neighbourhood needs a great coffee bar within walking distance”, said Peters.

Her mother is  Irene Makeess-Peters owner of The House and Garden Company just two doors over.

While her mother is helping her get the coffee shop launched, this venture is Olivia’s project and long time dream.

“When I was a student I wanted a coffee shop in the area” said Peters. For years there has been none.
The shop is decorated with natural wood plank tables and  an impressive collection of old Birch Cliff photos.

The Birchcliff is located at 1666 Kingston Rd., two doors down from the House and Garden store right across from Birch Cliff Public School.

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  1. Debbie Benson


    I wish you much success. If you ever get outside catering I live on the area and have a Staffing Company.

    Thank you,
    Debbie Benson
    Staffing by Debbie

  2. Ian Harvey

    And an Italian restaurant apparently Rustico over by the Dollar Store….good times are going to roll!!!!
    Happy see a cafe come in too!!!

  3. Meghan Price

    What time do they open on Friday? Hoping it’s a tad earlier on weekdays so we can pop over early after school drop offs 🙂

  4. Wayne Todé

    Good luck with the new coffee shop. Nice to see these empty buildings come to life again. 1666 Kingston was an important location years ago as the office of the Scarborough Public Utilities Commission. Any chance the name could be spelled “Birch Cliff” or am I being too persnickety?

  5. Jen

    I know this hard working girl will be a success. Olivia’s family will help with ambience and style:) Another beautiful addition to the community. Bonne chance.

  6. Us mom’s that drop of kids at the school can’t WAIT for the shop to open. This area was in dire need of a coffee shop. I love the back story too, make it much more special.

  7. Mike Lind

    FINALLY! Will visit often…

  8. Maria

    I can’t wait! Its so nice to see the neighbourhood get some new shops!

  9. Susan Bannon-Perkins


    I am hoping that you might consider putting a little table or two out front and maybe a “dog tie up” post? If so, this could be a regular stop for us in the ‘hood who walk our dogs on a daily basis and would love a little break enroute!

    Very best wishes!

    Susan and Jeff Perkins

  10. Amanda

    Wow! I walked by and saw the beautiful sign. Had to google it. I have been waiting for a great place to walk from my house and grab a coffee! See you when you open!

  11. Lisa

    When do you open?

  12. sarah

    When do you open? and what are your opening times?

  13. Nuccio Ferri


    I just heard that there is an amazing coffee shop that just opened near Birchmount and birchcliff that makes one mean cappuccino. I can not wait to try my first coffee at the Birchcliff.

    All the Best

  14. I was in Scarborough for two weeks in August and we where there 10 of the days. Great coffee and service.

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