Photo of the Day Aug. 22, 2012

Aug 22, 2012

Turning back the clock 84 years, our photo of the day is a great shot of Kingston Road looking west from Birchmount in 1928.  It’s a shot of streetcar tracks being laid when the TTC extended its streetcar service from Victoria Park to the Birchmount Loop.  The streetcars replaced the old radial cars that starting running through Birch Cliff in about 1901.  Streetcars continued operating to Birchmount until 1954.

Kingston Road, looking west from Birchmount, 1928

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  1. Bill/Buddy Baker

    The two buildings on the right (north side) of Kingston Rd. are still there today. Growing up on Harding Blvd., they were some of the first building I saw when I was old enough to go off our street but not cross the road. The furthest west building on the northeast corner of Harding Blvd. and Kingston Rd. is commercial on Kingston Rd. and apartments on Harding Blvd.

    • admin

      When did you live in Birch Cliff Bill/Buddy? Do you have older photographs yourself?